no commission life insurance

About No Commission Life Insurance

It’s timeless advice, and it applies to buying life insurance: There is no such thing as a free lunch.

You will sometimes find insurance companies—not insurance salespersons or brokers, but the insurance company itself—advertising “No Commission” policies. You automatically think their plans must be cheaper. But they aren’t. If you check carefully, the price of a contract on an insurance company web site, and the price of the exact same policy in the same health category on a site like AmericaQuote, will be the same.

What is No Commission Life Insurance?

So how can they say “No Commission”? Technically, they’re right because if you buy direct from the company, they are paying “no commission” to a broker like AmericaQuote. We are not a no commission life insurance broker. The insurance company keeps the commission for themselves! In either case, you will pay the same for the policy. If you have read extensively on our site, you know by now that insurance policies are regulated. They can’t be discounted; the exact same policy will cost the same whether you buy direct from the company or a broker like AmericaQuote.

Why do I emphasize “exact” same policy? Because of variables like health status, the length of the premium guarantee, and so on. If you find a life insurance policy selling for less than what AmericaQuote is quoting, call us. There will be something in the fine print that makes two policies that appear to be the same but different in price. It’s usually the health category quoted. Call us, and we will be happy to show you what that difference is and save you a surprise down the road.

Final advice: Buy your life insurance from the source that treats you best, respects your intelligence and integrity and will be there to answer your questions.

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