poor health life insurance

Life Insurance Options: Poor Health

People with chronic or serious health concerns want to provide for their families with insurance just like healthy people do. The problem is this: If you are in poor health you are, statistically speaking, a high risk for an insurance company. That means the premiums will be higher than average, but not necessarily a lost cause.

This is when you need a licensed, experienced insurance broker to go to work for you and find a company that specializes in insuring people in your condition. The major companies avoid these policies; they only want to insure people in good-to-excellent health. Many in poor health  have applied to the well-known companies we see on television. After getting the “run around” for two or three months, they received an outrageous offer or an outright declination. Their agent said, “I’m sorry”, and that was that. After that experience, most stopped shopping, assuming they were priced out of the marketplace or just not insurable. But there are smaller companies—you will not have heard of them—who specialize in writing policies in “niche” markets. But many insurance agents aren’t interested in those cases because finding the right company to write a policy is a lot of extra work.

Life Insurance for Those In Critical Health

In this arena, anything can happen.  AmericaQuote is willing to help. We will do everything possible to match you with a life insurance company that insures people with critical health issues. The outcome is not predictable; we do not guarantee results. We do guarantee that we will do our best to find an insurance product that fits your needs. If you think you are a substandard or impaired risk, give us a call. You have nothing to lose.

As a last resort, there are always “Guarantee Issue” plans available. Please call us for more details and pricing.

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