Life Insurance for Cigar, Pipe Users and Chewers

Best Life Insurance for Tobacco Users

Are all Tobacco Users Considered Smokers?

In prior years, insurance companies built some flexibility into their non-smoker and smoker categories. The term “smoker” used to denote those persons who smoked cigarettes only. This meant, in some cases, a cigar smoker or tobacco chewer could qualify for a non-smoker rate. Most carriers have moved away from this thinking and categorize any tobacco user as a smoker.

Other Tobacco Users & Non Smokers

There are a couple of companies who still offer Preferred non-smoker rates to those “alternate” users. Prudential is especially strong in this area. When you get a quote, be sure to use the Health Analyzer and put in your tobacco preference. Prudential is usually comes out significantly less than everyone else.

If you quit smoking cigarettes more than a year ago, you can qualify as a Preferred non-smoker with some companies. If you currently own a policy that was bought when you smoked cigarettes, be sure to get a new quote. Chances are it will be less expensive.

A note of caution:

Many companies are becoming particularly aggressive in their mortality assumptions for their non-tobacco non-nicotine rate classes.

Any misrepresentation of the tobacco/nicotine use question on the application can trigger a strong response from any of the companies. This can include an attempt to rescind the policy or, if a claim is made within the contestable period, declination of benefits. Occasional cigar smokers need to be aware of this.

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