Cigar, pipe and chewers

In prior years, insurance companies built some flexibility into their non-smoker and smoker categories. The term “smoker” used to denote those persons who smoked cigarettes only. This meant, in some cases, a cigar smoker or tobacco chewer could qualify for a non-smoker rate.

Check your Social Security

Be sure to contact the Social Security Administration at least every three years. Those contributing to Social Security should check their contributions to insure they are correct. After 3 years the records go off-line and problems need to be researched manually which could take forever.

A. M. Best Company

A. M. Best Company is the country’s most recognized insurance rating organization. While the A. M. Best rating system is used to evaluate various aspects of businesses, the rating most visible to the public is the overall “letter grade” rating assigned to insurance companies.

Replacement of Existing Life Insurance

Anytime you are replacing an existing life insurance contract with another, make sure to check these four points:
1. Closely compare the two policies in terms of rates, rate guarantees, contestable period, stability of the two companies (if they are different).

Re-Entry or Re-Qualification – Can It Help You Or Hurt You?

You have a difficult decision to make. You can choose the short explanation of re-entry or the long-winded version. If you really want to understand it and have some coffee handy, we suggest the long-winded one.
Short and Sweet Version

Go local or with an Internet Life Insurance Agent?

Play an imaginary game with me for just a moment. I’m asking you do this because I had a lengthy discussion and disagreement with one of AmericaQuote’s viewers. Imagine for a moment there are no local life insurance agents in your city and the only way you can buy life insurance is over the Internet.