Permanent Versus Term Life Insurance

Which to Buy?

The insurance industry is second only to the legal industry in making things more complicated than they need to be. There are really just two kinds of life insurance: permanent and term. Variations of each type exist, but let’s define “Perm” and “Term” as a starting place.

Watch Out For The Life Insurance Bait and Switch

Life Insurance Sales Tactics – The Bait & Switch Watch Out for the Life Insurance Bait and Switch How I was trained to sell life insurance in the early 1970s: I dialed the phone from 6:00–8:00 p.m. every night looking for potential customers. My sales manager told me, “Don’t cover any details—just get the appointment.” […]

5 Minutes, Save 75%

How To Save Money When Switching Life Insurance Companies
One well-known insurance company has flooded the airwaves with this promise: “Give us 15 minutes and we may be able to save you 15 percent on your car insurance.”

Be Clear About Guaranteed Renewability

I am drawing special attention to the phrase “Guaranteed Renewable” in life insurance contracts because it is easy to misinterpret. When heard in a TV commercial: “Our policies’ rates are guaranteed for the first 20 years and are guaranteed renewable thereafter to age 100”—or something similar.

No Exam Life Insurance

When I fly out of Charlotte’s airport, I don’t use valet parking. It’s convenient but very expensive. Instead, I leave my car in the inexpensive satellite lot and take a free shuttle to the terminal. One is easy and very expensive, the other is a little bit of trouble but less expensive.

Employer Sponsored Life Insurance – Think Again

My slow awakening may save you piles of money.
In 1974, I went to work for a major insurance company. They offered the usual package of benefits – health, dental and life insurance. They gave me one times my salary for free and I could buy up to four times additional

Have Mortgage Life Insurance

If you have a mortgage, the mortgage may have a life insurance policy attached to ensure the lender is repaid in case of death of the borrower. If your mortgage is insured, the cost will appear on your monthly mortgage statement.

“Baby Boomer” Retirement Myth

Craig Karpel states his belief that most Baby Boomers will never be able to retire. How’s that for an attention-getter? Karpel is the author of the book entitled, The Retirement Myth, published by Harper Collins. In his book, Karpel states that retirement, as we now know it, will only exist for the rich.

Life Insurance Underwriting Guidelines

How Risky Are You? Along with advances in healthcare, insurance companies have changed the way they evaluate risk in applicants. For example, conditions like high blood pressure, acid reflux, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and others used to be considered high risk conditions.

Life Insurance With Poor Health

People with chronic or serious health concerns want to provide for their families with insurance just like healthy people do. The problem is this: If you are in poor health you are, statistically speaking, a high risk for an insurance company.