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The Top Ten Life Insurance Questions We Are Asked

Question 10 – What’s involved with buying a policy?

Answer – There are many life insurance questions, but we’ll start with the application. It is a three-step process. First, there are forms to complete. Once that’s done, the paramedic will contact you to schedule your exam. The exam involves a health history along with a blood and urine specimen. The third part consists of the company contacting your doctor for your medical records. Once these details are done, the company will have a decision.

Question 9 – How long does it take to get a policy?

Answer – 4-6 weeks – can be sooner

Question 8 – Does it cost me anything to apply?

Answer – The company pays all the underwriting expenses. Your commitment is the time to take an exam.

Question 7 – What is AmericaQuote’s recommendation as to which policy I should buy?

Answer – We recommend buying the longest affordable rate guarantee from the highest-rated company.

Question 6 – If my spouse and I apply together, can we get a discount?

Answer – Not currently with most competitive carriers – the companies offered spouse discounts until about 2001. They found that practice to be unprofitable as rates continued to decline. A spousal rider is an option.

Question 5 – What is AmericaQuote? How long have you been around?

Answer – This is one of many good life insurance questions. Who are you dealing with? AmericaQuote was launched 1n 1996. AmericaQuote was the first interactive life insurance quotation service on the east coast and is the third-oldest insurance website on the Internet. We believe it is the most comprehensive life insurance web site on the entire Internet today. Of course, we’re prejudiced

Question 4 – How many companies do you represent?

Answer – We keep the most competitive companies and plans in our database. It’s not necessary to show hundreds of company’s rates on the site, just the most competitive ones. Underwriting criteria is critical as it significantly affects the outcome. We don’t concern ourselves so much with a particular company’s health category. The key is knowing where you fit health-wise. Sometimes one company’s “Preferred” rate will be less expensive than another’s “Super-Preferred” rate. If you overshoot your estimation, the company and plan that is ultimately offered to you may not be best for your circumstance or pocketbook. We recommend you talk with an experienced agent, individually licensed in your state.

If a company comes to the marketplace with a new low-cost product, we examine the company and its financial ratings before adding that product.

Question 3 – Can I get a better deal elsewhere?

Answer – The same policy in the same health category will have an equal premium, no matter where you buy it (even directly from the company). Your state regulates that. As mentioned above, to get the best price, first talk to an experienced agent, individually licensed in your state, who has access to several companies. They can assist in determining what health category you fit.

Question 2 – How do I apply for the best rate?

Answer – You don’t apply for a special rate; you apply for a policy. The company will let you know what health category you fit into and at what cost. Check out our Underwriting Guidelines page.

The most asked question is: “If I apply and don’t qualify for the premium I’m expecting to pay, will the company make me another offer?

Answer – If you apply and for some reason don’t qualify for the health category you feel you deserve, the company will probably offer (assuming you’re insurable) you a different premium. You can accept or reject it. This, of course, can be frustrating if you think you fit in a better health category than the company is offering. Their rate also may be higher than a competing company in that same lower category. At that point, your offer would need to be shopped among other carriers. A realistic appraisal of your health before applying is critical to the right buying decision. This only covers some of the life insurance answers. There are probably fifty other life insurance questions one could ask. We have the answers and will be glad to discuss your situation if you wish.

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